3rd Jeti Cup 2013

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Schedule of games

Friday 4th of January

I round

Group A, First Round Friday 4th January, 11.00

Sheet     Teams

 Team P.I.L.L.S  vs  Bullseye  
2  Team Medved  vs Nicekond  
3  SKA S-Petersburg  vs  Rolling Stones  

Group B, First Round Friday 4th January, 13.30

Sheet     Teams 

1  Cocktail International  vs Copper Hill CC  
2  Arenaria  vs  Piter Strike  
Puhastusimport  vs  Team Penguins  
II round
Group A, Second Round, Friday 4th January, 17.00
Group B, Second Round, Friday 4th January, 19.30

Saturday 5th of January
III round                                                                                                                                       
Group A, Third Round, Saturday 5th January, 09.00                                                                    
Group B, Third Round, Saturday 5th January, 11.30

Regrouping after III round

IV round                                                                                                                                      
Silver Group (places 7-12), Saturday 5th January, 15.00
Golden Group (places 1-6), Saturday 5th January, 17.30

Banquet starts at 21.30 on Saturday!
The special tournament bus will pick you all up in front of hotel Susi on Saturday evening at 21.00 and we are going to Tallinn Old Town. The banquet will start at 21.30. There will be some snacks and wine and good company. The bus will take you back at 01:00 from the same place where it dropped you off before.

Sunday 6th of January
V round                                                                                                                                                                                          
Silver Group (places 7-12), Sunday 6th January, 09.00 
Golden Group (places 1-6), Sunday 6th January, 11.30

After final round there will be immediately the prize-giving ceremony!